STUDY.COM Setup and Directions for online lessons


We will use a website called for your HSE Lessons. is available on the web as well as you can download

the phone app for Android and iPhone.  Both methods work equally well.  The Website gives a better picture for videos since

it is larger, but the App offers more flexibility because it is mobile.


To start your classes I will send an email inviting you to your classroom.  For every student, I create a classroom and your

lessons will be in that classroom for you to use.  When you receive your invite email please accept the invitation and enroll

in as a student.  All you need to enter is your first and last name and an email.


The classroom code is automatically filled in and once enrolled you can go straight to your classroom.  Choose DASHBOARD and

your assigned lessons will be there. You will see the lesson name, chapter, and lesson number.


Lessons are designed to take about 8 minutes.  After completing a lesson, you then take the quiz. I am interested in the best

score you earn on a quiz.  You may redo lessons and quizzes as many times as you like to improve your quiz score.

You need to achieve 80% on the quiz to get credit for that lesson.  Again, you can redo the lesson and retake the quiz as many

times as you want to achieve 80% or better.


You will earn 15 minutes of class credit for every lesson completed at 80% or better.  So, for every four lessons completed you

get one-hour class credit for distance learning.  Some online lessons may take one try and you are finished in 8 minutes.

Some lessons you may have to redo, and it may take 20 minutes to complete.  The 15 minutes is a fair average to award class

time credit.


Remember there are five areas to study for the TASC Test.  There is a lot of material to cover, but it is presented to you in

short lessons and you can work at your own pace to complete the lessons and prepare for the TASC Test.


Lastly, we need to stay in communication with each other.  If you come to class then that works, but if you are ONLINE ONLY then

we need to meet at minimum once a month either by you coming to class or meeting me on ZOOM.  We can figure out together what

works best for you.


You can email me with questions anytime and if you need more lessons just email me and I will add more.


Good Luck and keep working toward your goals,

Dave Henry

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